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Suction Mug The New Age Office Accessory For You
The suction mug is the new age style statement at the office. They are unbreakable and convenient to use. You can either store coffee or soups in them. They come with a host of features like anti skid and suction bottom. Moreover, you can grip them with their sturdy handles and bodies. That is a quite a technological feat today. Furthermore, Ink Tantra sells the best of the lot with a strong suction at the bottom. You will be able to find them in various shades. Moreover, they are quite affordable. They start from Rs 399 onwards and are killing it in the market.
Buy Personalised Custom Mugs Online
Now, you can order your suction mug online at Ink Tantra. There are so many colors to choose from. Today, we will take the example of the Antelope. It comes are Rs 799 and comes with a MOQ of 11 pieces. It is worth the catch. The stainless steel silicon bottle has a capacity of 370 ml. Moreover, you can customize the mug today and put your photo, initials, and the company logo on the mug. If you like more colorful cups, go for the Grace Red or Emerald. Now, you can buy personalised custom mugs online only at Ink Tantra. The Grace White is another suction cup worth exploring. The cup comes in other colors like white, black, pink, and sky blue. The vacuum grip quality is truly commendable and most people flock to buy this mug. The other qualities, that make it an in demand product are the spill free lid, temperature retention qualities, and BPA free plastic. These are a few of the qualities, that we look forward to our sipping cups. So, In Tantra has kept in mind the basic needs and is doing everything possible today, to get orders.